Eight Lessons About Super Mario You Need To Learn Before You Hit 40

Top PSP Download Sites, PSP Download Software Review – PSP Homebrew Guide

With technology advancing so quick everyone is crazy about video games. It is now possible to download games and put them on your PSP. The days of spending $50.00 a game are over. Now all you need is a few pieces of software, a memory stick, a download subscription, and you can have a PSP ready to have games uploaded to it.

The new concept for video game downloads is awesome. You no longer have to run out to the store to get the latest and greatest when you can just download them from your subscription site. Not only can you play the new hits you can play old games with emulators. I have seen Super Mario Brothers on one of the sites I subscribe to.

The steps to get homebrew applications are fairly simple.

get Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Storiesget the loaderformat memory carddownload homebrew appsinstall appsrun them.These are very simple steps. If you are interested in how to download games or how to get homebrew running, visit: [http://www.scamauthority.com/psp] They locate all of the top download sites for you that have the best and latest downloads for music, movies, and games!

http://www.scamauthority.com/psp [http://www.scamauthority.com/psp]

They even have a homebrew guide.
Give The Gift of Wii – Top Wii Games for Women for Christmas!

Up until fairly recently, most people might say women just weren’t into video games. You can count the explosive popularity of The Sims 2 as partially responsibly for levying the gender divide between video gamers. Nowadays, according to sales trends, the Nintendo Wii is leading the world marketplace as America’s favorite video game console. If your favorite lady doesn’t already have a Wii in her living room, consider getting her one as gift that she will enjoy (and actually, this is a gift that you can enjoy together!) and don’t forget to get her an assortment of video games. Here is a list of some of the top Nintendo Wii games for girl gamers:

Popular Nintendo Wii Games for Girl Gamers

According to the wisdom that is Amazon.com, some bestselling Wii games that women may enjoy:

1. New Super Mario Bros.

2. Just Dance 2

3. Wii Fit Plus

4. Super Mario Galaxy 2

5. Mario Cart Wii with Wii Wheel

6. Gold’s Gym Dance Workout

7. Zumba Fitness

8. Dancing with the Stars

9. Rock Band 3

10. Band Hero

If she grew up during the hey day of the original Nintendo console, then she probably has fond memories of playing games like Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, and the Legend of Zelda. One of the cool things that Nintendo Wii did was to bring back some of its most popular games and update them. And judging by the popularity of these updated blast-from-the-past video game series, it was a smart move for the company as well. Amazon customers rate the New Super Mario Bros. 4.5 out of 5 stars all around.

Other types of Wii games that she may like are the fitness games. Wii Fit Plus is another favorite among women. She can get out her balance board, ankle and wrist weights, or yoga mat to have an interactive workout. One of the favorite features of this game is its customization, which adapts your workout from day to day, and keeps track of your progress. Similar fitness games on the Wii console include the Gold’s Gym Dance Workout and Zumba!

A number of dance video games are available in the Nintendo Wii format. Some of them are more kid-oriented like Dance Dance Revolution, but more along the lines of games for grownups include Just Dance and Dancing With the Stars. Both get great ratings according to Amazon customer reviews. If you’re going with group consensus though Just Dance gets slightly higher ratings than Dancing With the Stars.

Does she love music? Love to sing? Always wanted to be part of a band? If so, then the sing-along games are perfect gift ideas. Whether you decide to go for the Rock Band or Band Hero series, most of the fun is in getting the notes and timing right, and mastering how to play the instruments. Or maybe the new Def Jam Rapstar game is more of her speed. What she’ll love about these games is the quality time and fun you can share together with friends and family.

Looking for free Mario games for? Well, that is not difficult to say anymore. We have recently the internet which we can say, it can provide almost all what we want to learn and free super Mario games are usually in there, for definitely sure.
Grab and Throw – Mario can lift a shell by pressing the 2 main major button while next with out. Releasing the 2 button will throw the shell shut off Mario. This can be dangerous because moving shells can injure Mario.
The presentation in the jocuri cu mario l. Wii is great. The graphics are colorful and the sounds are amusing. Good the retro music and sound effects that are thrown in at appropriate times during the game.
Belly Slide – While Mario sports a penguin suit, he is able to perform a belly glide. This will cause Mario to slip through enemies undamaged, break blocks, and slide on the top water. To perform this move, press the down button on the control pad while Mario is on the slope or running.
There as well other Wii games an individual will find very interesting like Lego Star Wars The complete Saga, A boy great Blob, Zack and Wiki Quest for Barabaros Treasure, Bully Scholarship Edition, Boom Blox Bash Party, Wifit Plus or anything else. All these games improve Nintendo Wii a nice video game console.
Interesting 10 Facts About Mario

Mario, everyone in this world who are interested in games know this name. A very popular character created by Nintendo. In the Mario Games, he goes on the battle to save his princess. You know who is Mario but if you want to know some interested facts about Mario then here are 10 things you may not know about our favorite video game character Mario:

1. Mario was first seen in the video game Donkey Kong, but he was called “Jumpman”. He was also a carpenter then, not a plumber.

2. He was named after Mario Segale, the landlord of Nintendo of America’s office, who barged in on a company meeting demanding an overdue rent.

3. Shigeru Miyamoto drew Mario as wearing a cap because he found drawing hair difficult. He also drew in the moustache, because it was easier to see than a mouth in the crude video game screen resolution back then.

4. Mario and his younger brother Luigi are known as the “Mario Brothers.” This means that Mario’s last name is also Mario, so his full name is Mario Mario.

5. He is voice-acted by Charles Martinet, who crashed the audition for “an Italian plumber from Brooklyn” character. Here’s an interview with the man:

6. He’s nemesis is Wario (a combination of “warui”, the Japanese word for bad, and Mario). Similarly, Luigi’s rival is Waluigi. Both are also voiced by Charles Martinet.

7. He has appeared in over 200 video games so far, has sold over 193 million units of games (all of the Mario series) and even has his own TV cartoon show. Super Mario Bros. 3 alone grossed over $500 million in USA.

8. TV Schmeve, you’re nothing till there’s an opera done on you. In 2003, Jonathan Mann of California Institute of Arts created The Mario Opera, a rock opera:

9. Super Mario Bros. theme music, written by Koji Kondo, is known worldwide. It has inspired countless fan-renditions, including one played by Zack Kim on two guitars (viewed over 4 million times on YouTube!), played by Jean Baudin on 11 string bass, beatboxed by Greg Patillo on the flute, and played by the Oregon Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra on the trombones.But my favorite is this one by Play! symphony orchestra:

10. He is the most famous character in the history of video games, and perhaps is the most famous character ever. In a 1990 poll by Marketing Evaluations, Mario was found to be more popular (and recognizable) among children than Mickey Mouse.

So after knowing some of the interesting facts about Mario, arent you interested in playing some games dedicated to mario. You can play Mario at this website http://www.easyflashgames.com


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